Why Choose Our Practice

Why choose Dr. Drew Herion at Meridian Park Orthodontics?

  • Honest, thoughtful, and individualized care
  • Direct care is provided by Dr. Drew at every visit
  • Getting additional information or answers to questions is easy. Phone lines and email go directly to our front desk coordinator. Email Dr. Drew directly, or even call his cell phone after hours for emergencies!
  • Dr. Drew’s education and training are outstanding and ongoing. Active membership in two regional study clubs, the Advanced Orthodontic Education Study Club and the Spears Study Club. The focus of the latter group is involved multi-disciplinary dental treatment of adults between dental specialists. Additional continuing education though membership in the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontics.
  • In-office financing and payment plans
  • Preferred provider for ODS/Delta Dental, and Regence
  • Our office will determine your insurance benefits and file insurance claims on your behalf
  • Tokens and prizes to encourage and reward great tooth-brushing and patient cooperation!
  • Fun in-office contests to look forward to at every visit
  • State-of-the-art and exceptional quality materials and techniques

Why choose to start orthodontic treatment?

  • Healthy and beautiful teeth are life-long assets that give you confidence to smile at all of life’s milestones: senior photos, prom, weddings, job interviews, family reunions, vacation photos, even your retirement party!
  • Orthodontics during early childhood (Phase I) can help to guide adult teeth into proper alignment and provide the foundation for a healthy bite.
  • Orthodontics as an adult can also facilitate other dental treatment needs and provide the framework for crowns, implants, and veneers. Dr. Drew works closely with your team of dental specialists to coordinate your treatment and care for your investment.
  • Orthodontic care has never been more comfortable, attractive, and efficient. Modern braces can be small, available in fun shapes, colorful, or clear!